We Can’t Put Any More Lipstick on this Pig!

2 07 2010

In recent years, the saying “lipstick on a pig” has grown in popularity.  Barak Obama, John McCain and Dick Cheney all used it as an invective against the other party during the 2008 political campaign.  Since then, numerous politicians, newscasters and tea party participants have been using it……Now I am.

Here’s why:  We live in a global economy where – like never before – single financial systems, such as our own, have become more closely interconnected and dependent on other systems.   As a result of the mortgage crisis, the credit crisis, and the debt crisis – all of which have all worked to wreak havoc in the banking systems across the world – economic systems throughout have been weakened.   And the resulting effect on single economies, currencies and markets worldwide has thereby created and enforced a “New Normal.”

The “New Normal” means that things will not be the same again (or least for a long period of time) and we must adjust accordingly.    It means that as a country, as U.S. citizens and as investors we cannot continue to do things the same way we’ve been doing them.  In other words, we can’t put any more lipstick on this pig!



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27 08 2010
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[…] and then try to  write articles that people can actually understand so they can get the gist.  “We Can’t Put Any More Lipstick On This Pig!” is a good example.  With that said, I do recommend that all citizens read Comeback America.  […]

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